We create software and delightful user experiences.

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We work in weekly iterations.

You can have one or several developers working on your project. This depends on the scope. For starters 25 hours a week is a good speed (one developer). Our biggest client asks for as many hours as we can.

We are in constant communication by email, basecamp, skype, or agile zen.

  • Meals App is an app that lets you log the food you eat and tells you which nutrients you are getting and which ones you are lacking, recommending food that has them.

    We have been involved in this project 100%. We designed the landing page, designed and created the app and built the recommendation engine.

    You will be able to use this app in the Appstore in Summer 2012.

    Skills: User experience, HTML/CSS, Ruby, Objective C.

    Run time: Ongoing.

  • This site was created for inbound marketing for the Meals app. The intend of this experience page if to provide the users with some information in why is important following a vegetarian diet, quantifying the nutrients you receive from your meals.

    Skills: User experience, HTML/CSS, Sinatra, Mongodb

    Run time: 1 week.

  • Anthmapp is a way for people or groups to control the music payed in public places.

    We created the HTML5 app for the mobile app.

    Skills: HTML/CSS, Rails.

    Run time: Ongoing.

  • The goal of this page was to inform community managers the meaning of engagement and doing inbound marketing in the process of doing so.

    We came up with a 5 folds single page where we display the information neatly and give the opportunity to share it easly using social media.

    Skills: Ruby, Sinatra, Javascript, JQuery, CSS

    Run time: 2 weeks.

  • This is a library containing PDFs for Social Media and community management education.

    Skills: User experience, HTML/CSS, Sinatra

    Run time: 2 months.

  • Inbound is an effort to create Inbound marketing websites.

    Skills: JavaScript, UX, HTML/CSS, Sinatra.

    Run time: 1 week.

  • Futuro Común is a consulting company dedicated to sustainable mitigation of engagements between communities and enterprises.

    Skills: Ruby, Rails, Cucumber, Test/Unit, ActiveScaffold, Git

    Run time: 6 weeks.

  • Tio Simon is a legendary character for Venezuelans, he inspired many and took our ethnic folkloric music everywhere.

    In honor to Simon Diaz we created this game for www.rallyonrails.com.

    Skills: Ruby, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Game development.

    Run time: 48 hours.

  • Allard Software requested our help designing and implementing the marketing site for their product called File Transfer App. The idea behind it was to create a site were we explain the product's features as well as registering user interested on it.

    Skills: Javascript, Ruby, Rails, CMS, API interaction

    Run time: 2 months.

  • Bolsitos de Colores is an internal product were we set to sell woman purses. This allow us to try different concepts on the landing pages and help us tremendously to understand the physique of the people on the internet.

    We ran several experiments that allowed us to extrapolate that knowledge into our consulting work.

    Skills: Ruby, Sinatra, Design, Photoshop, HTML, A/B Test

    Run time: ongoing.

  • When we were first approached by the S.K.O.W team to develop their branding, we were very excited given the style of the brand.

    S.K.O.W is a high end fashion shoe designer label, that represents funky, rare and unique styles.

    Skills: Brand development, Illustrator, Sketching

    Run time: 2 weeks

  • When the guys from Bite approached us with their need for a branding creation, we immediately felt the vibe of the project.

    Bite is a restaurant/cafe where you can go to experience the best wines and tasca products (cheese trays, sandwiches, etc.) there are in the market. Their branding had to speak that. The colors and fonts used in their branding are used in combination to express their concept, and roots. A modern place where you can go have a drink, eat or hang out.

    Skills: Brand development, Illustrator, Sketching

    Run time: 2 weeks

  • If you want to eat the best mediterranean food, you need to order from Haifa's. This is food made with love and of course you can taste this.

    Their brand needed to say this, classy yet artisanal, mediterranean yet worldwide, simple yet sophisticated. The typography used describes Haifa's at a glance.

    Skills:Brand development, Illustrator, Sketching

    Run time:1 week

  • In music, dynamics normally refers to the volume of a sound or note, but can also refer to every aspect of the execution of a given piece, either stylistic (staccato, legato etc.) or functional (velocity). - Wikipedia

    Crescendo Music Group gives marketing, sales, and strategy service to different music labels in the industry. Their branding needed to express this, simple yet smart Crescendo brand wanted to express exactly what the music term is.

    Skills: Brand development, Illustrator, Sketching

    Run time: 1 week

  • Experience in projects ranging in scope and style affords Mishu Inc. exceptional expertise when working with contractors and architects. Her strong textile and furniture background make her projects extra special, as Mishu is able to design one of a kind furniture pieces for her Clients.

    If you know mishu, you know her fabulous style, her brand needed to say this, simple, elegant and simply fabulous!

    Skills: Brand development, Illustrator, Sketching

    Run time: 1 week

  • Haifa's team also approached us to create their stationary and packaging.

    Creating a simple, organic and earthy solution, for the stationary we went for recycled paper, and for the packaging we created labels that can be used for any size or shape of container.

    Skills: Stationary, business cards, printing, packaging

    Run time: 3 weeks

  • Sexy in the Kitchen is a unique experience that is more than a cooking class…it’s a night out!

    Their brand and packing solution, had to speak this, simple, sexy, fun! We created labels for them to put on their gorgeous balsamic and olive oil bottles. Shirts, stationary, pencils, etc.

    Skills: Stationary, business cards, printing, packaging

    Run time: 2 weeks